Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stanley Park Run (Jan 4th Run)

I love going running at Stanley Park because there's usually really good scenery everywhere, especially on days where the weather is really good. Despite being abit cold, the weather today was fantastic! I met up with my friend who I train with all the time and we went from Waterfront and did a loop inside Stanley Park. Because we haven't been running super long distances for a while, we thought it might be a good idea to not run
too much (ie, do the full circuit around Stanley Park like we usually do).
At the beginning of the run it felt really nice to get moving, as we are moving at more of a jogging pace than a running pace. However, towards the end, I could feel my feet and hands getting really cold. It was so cold that it was almost to the point where I couldn't feel them anymore. Note to self: wear gloves next time!

Workout Summary:

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