Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29th 2013

I knew I would feel it in my legs after I stopped running for 2 weeks. After my run yesterday, this morning I was slightly feeling sore on my quadriceps. It wasn't anything too bad though, just abit sore. Today, for my work out I decided to go running again. I went back to the same track. The weather was cloudy and cold, so I put on my long sleeve tech tee from Saucony and my compression tights from New Balance and I went out. The beginning was abit on the cold side, but a few short minutes after I was warmed up.
The track itself was abit soggy but it was soft enough yet not too wet that it's actually better for the knees I find.

Workout Summary:
Distance: 9KM
Time: 40 minutes

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